The Biscuit Fund- A Crumb Of Hope

Hi this is just the sort of group I admire. I hope that they shall accept me as a member as the Welsh branch of their tree of life.

Same Difference

In February, the police issued photographs of two elderly women who had been brutally attacked and then robbed in their homes in Bristol and Rotherham.

A few days later, both women received an anonymous letter.

“We wanted to write to you with a small donation,” the letter said. “Although there are bad apples out there, there are many whose hearts have been touched by your ordeal.”

It was signed: “Please accept our love, thoughts and very best wishes. The Biscuit Fund.”

Last July, John, an unemployed man, sat with his severely ill son 90 miles from home while the boy waited for an operation.

John failed to make his appointment at the Jobcentre and was sanctioned. At the hospital, as weeks passed, John ran out of funds at his boy’s bedside, and stopped eating.

One night, he posted how desperately hungry he was on Facebook. The next day, he received…

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