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Hard Working Families To Face Triple Whammy Of Benefit Cuts Announces Multi-Millionaire Osborne

I sometimes wonder if he & his chums after creating even more inequality , social division & poverty are creating something more evil than social unrest.

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gideon-osborneThe lowest paid working fmilies are to face a triple whammy of in-work benefit cuts multi-millionaire George Osborne announced today.

Those with jobs, but on shit wages, will see Tax Credits, Housing Benefits and Child Benefit all frozen in a real term cut to the incomes of the very poorest should the Tory Party be re-elected next year.  According to The Guardian the Tories are planning to freeze almost all benefits for two years including: “jobseeker’s allowance, tax credits, universal credit, child benefit, income support, the work-related activity component of employment and support allowance and the local housing allowance.”

Despite Tory lies to the contrary disabled people are also likely to be the hardest hit by these changes.  Whilst Osborne claims they will be protected, the inclusion of most claimants on Employment Support Allowance means that hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people will see already meagre incomes…

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Cameron handing billions of our money over to firm run by fellow Old Etonian

” I have never ever believed that we were all in this together. Hopefully we have surgically talented youth who are capable of removing the parts we didn’t x-ray “

Pride's Purge

(not satire -it’s the UK today)

The amount of taxpayers’ money which the UK government has handed over to private company SERCO for privatised services has been seriously underestimated by commentators.

It’s hard to find out the total amount of money Cameron’s government has dished out to SERCO because we – the taxpayers – are not allowed to know.

That’s because the government has made sure that private companies which take over public services are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

But the amount of our money being pocketed by SERCO for government contracts should be counted in the billions – not millions as is so often quoted in the press.

For example, SERCO’s UK defence contracts alone are worth over 4 billion.

And its NHS contracts are now worth over 1 billion.

On top of those contracts, SERCO also runs our prisons, rail companies, hospitals, immigration…

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