Judge refuses DWP leave to appeal ruling on Universal Credit reports

WONDERFUL Result so far ! My thanks go to you & Mike for a milestone victory . However the Nazi’s in this UK Parliament are not finished with us yet. Sadly we in this emerald isle of majesty should not have to bring down the Crown but the crap courier’s in this crooked parliament for all of us to obtain justice & recognition under law. To be signed by HM Queen Elizabeth the Second.
Before you say No to that suggestion ! I am a democratic republican , humanitarian, agnostic . I serve no masters , nor serve any existing church or war mongering exponent’s such as those in the professional killing organisations.
I do believe that those born with disabilities should unite with those inflicted by their disabilities in order to fight against the common enemy of Ignorance , Prejudice and Greed .Not in the name of God or as a member of one of the 4,500 religious groups or sects upon this earth in 2014 . But as a human beings to say each & everyone of us that human life is special & unique. You only have a chance to live once upon this earth as a human being, don’t let others cramp your style or existence., You are Unique. Ensure that YOU select or modify your own path towards your own life’s journey. Hoping to meet one day !


By Tony Collins

An information tribunal judge has unexpectedly refused consent for the Department of Work and Pensions to appeal his ruling that four reports on the Universal Credit programme be published.

The ruling undermines the DWP’s claim that there would be “chilling effect” if the reports were published.

The judge’s decision, which is dated 25 April 2014, means the DWP will have to publish the reports under the FOI Act  – or it has 28 days to appeal the judge’s refusal to grant consent for an appeal.  The DWP is certain to appeal again. It has shown that money is no object when it comes to funding appeals to keep the four reports secret.

In 2012 John Slater, who has 25 years experience working in IT and programme and project management, had requested the UC Issues Register, Milestone Schedule and Risk Register. Also in 2012 I requested a UC project assessment review by the…

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