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What UKIP Won’t Tell the Voters: The Fascistic Illiberalism at the Heart of the Party

Now Mark , your targeting the upon the bulls, eyeballs ! 560! Top score a bulls eye !. Now go for it’s testicles it’s held in it’s brain.

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Nigel Farage, Fuhrer of UKIP, whose policies allegedly include the removal of the vote from the unemployed and the sterilisation of the disabled.

I’ve reblogged another of Mike’s pieces from over at Vox Political, Does UKIP’s Euro election poll lead really reflect the People’s view? In it, Mike analyses some of the comments about UKIP posted on the Vox Political Facebook page. He concludes that UKIP’s electoral lead in the Euro elections is driven by disillusionment with the existing parties, rather than an outright endorsement of UKIP in itself. It’s a protest vote, caused by fears over mass immigration from eastern Europe. The article’s well worth reading for a glimpse into how people really feel about UKIP in their own words, rather than what UKIP’s own publicists and mainstream media commentators tell you.

I’ve remarked on how it is extremely suspicious and highly sinister that UKIP does not mention its…

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The Coalitions’ Abolition of Legal Aid and Legal Restrictions against Workers Suing Management in Pre-Revolutionary Russia

I do like your positive thoughts for positive people ! May I join your revolutionary thought brigade as a private 3rd class ? I feel there is not a lot of hope left to me in today’s political opportunities alternative’s today. Sorry I have difficulty in the difference of the word opportunist and opportunities .So I am promoting myself to Polly Brigabeer the opportunities , opportunist adviser for the Middle East, Tony Blair & Nick Clegg.

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A few weeks ago the Conservatives and their Tory Democrat accomplices abolished legal aid. This has the effect of making legal action by the poor prohibitively expensive, so that they are effectively denied justice due to the sheer cost involved. This has naturally caused indignation and protests, not least from the legal profession itself. In Bristol the lawyers went on a one-day strike against its abolition.

this attempt by the government to prevent the poor suing the rich also has a parallel in the legal restrictions and double standards the Tsarist government in pre-Revolutionary Russia used to oppress the workers in its attempt to protect and promote the country’s capitalist development. Lionel Kochan in his Russia in Revolution (London: Paladin 1970) describes this legal double standard. Workers, who left their job before their contract was due to expire, were liable to criminal prosecution. However, if they wished to sue their…

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A TED Talk By Jess Thom

All disabled people are my favourite people !Regardless of their race , religion or political creed! I just thought I should let you know where I am coming from . Whoops I nearly forgot to mention the elderly so we understand each other a little better.

Same Difference

This is from October, but I’ve only just found it, and thought I would share it because she is one of my favourite disabled people.

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Tory campaign strategist made one of the ‘most homophobic ads in American history’

So are we about to go in to new corporate US Style elections ?We shall have Obama’s anti gay as Con adviser & Obama’s ex pro gay adviser shooting it out. Image the shoot out’s down in the old Downing Street watering holes. May I suggest we have all the disabled dressed up Comanche’s and Apaches to give it some old charm deliverance.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Much has been written in the last couple of days about Labour’s new election campaign guru US election strategist David Axelrod.

But not much is being mentioned about the Tories’ own US election strategist Jim Messina who was employed by Cameron last year – and who coincidentally worked together with Axelrod on Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Could that be lest someone spoils the Tories’ attempts to convince the electorate of their newfound modern tolerance towards minorities such as homosexuals by pointing out that Messina was once responsible for what has been called one of the most homophobic political attack ads in American history:

Obama chief’s anti-gay secret

Best keep it to ourselves then.


Please feel free to comment.


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Why Falling Unemployment Can Be Bad News For Everyone

the void

economic-inactivity Economic inactivity by reason (aged 16 to 64)

More people are in work than ever before claim the DWP triumphantly as the unemployment figures show another huge rise in self-employment.  Whether these people are making any money, or whether they are pensioners with an ebay hobby, does not seem to matter as the Tories attempt to spin that Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are working.

Yet all that has happened is the economy has started to grow a bit and so unemployment has fallen a bit.  This is what always happens when economies start to grow – and due to a rising population there are almost always more people in work than ever before unless there is a severe economic downturn.  It matters barely at all what governments do to unemployed people – in a recession unemployment goes up, and in a recovery it goes down.  This is because unemployed…

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