Abergele, North Wales

Bio: I was born 73 years ago, Now today I am a registered disabled pensioner and have been married for 32 years. I have 3 children & four grand children. I am an retired Trade Unionist with Unite the Union. I am a member of 2 Political Parties, Plaid Cymru, the SNP & about to join a 3rd. Started my working life in the printing industry as a SOGAT member & a Walworth Road Labour Party member. Then went into management as a Paper Buyer/ Technologist ,Senior Sales Account Co-ordinator to Conde Naste magazines. Carton Salesman ,Grade 6 Driving Instructor. Unpaid Ambassador to the down stairs staff at Windsor Castle. I/T technician in a FETC. Then unexpectedly I became a Stroke Survivor 12 years ago,the hardest / best struggle I have ever encountered, not good for the wife though. Today I look forward to another unfolding chapter of life's mystery. I am not a jobbing actor, but I'm now hoping to play a new & more adventurous role. Isn't life strange !

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