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Serial Child Molester Gets His Wrist Slap

by James Corbett at the International Forecaster Calling him a “serial child molester” and his actions “unconscionable,” Judge Thomas Durkin sentenced Dennis Hastert to 15 m…

Source: Serial Child Molester Gets His Wrist Slap


A ceasefire, or a trap?


Today, following a call from all 22 Royal Colleges, the BMA has agreed to halt possibility of strike action for 5 days and Hunt has ‘postponed imposition’. The second point needs a bit of clarification. Hunt hasn’t actually postponed anything in reality as, the contract is not due to be imposed next week, so, as far as I can tell, this is a pretty empty gesture.

It is at least a gesture though, which is marginally more than he has been doing of late. Of course he’s been saying that the BMA have been naughty and refusing to negotiate, but for weeks not the BMA had said that if imposition were taken off the table, they would pause IA to have meaningful negotiations.

Funnily enough my mum text me today saying that my nan had heard something on the news, and that perhaps my campaigning was having an effect. I…

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