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Right-Wing Clichés (#6): Work is the best route out of poverty

By Gum lad , thou art reit good wit words, I luved it!

Guy Debord's Cat

How many times have you heard a government minister say “Work is the best route out of poverty”? How would they know? They have never been impoverished nor have they been forced into a situation where they’ve had to work in a low paid job, struggling to pay bills and rent. David Cameron repeats the line often enough, but even when he was a student at Oxford, he wasn’t living in a cold, damp, miserable student house. He had the best accommodation money could buy. He didn’t have to go to his local Jobcentre and sift through loads of poorly paid, menial jobs that offer no future and, more importantly, the route out of poverty that he claims to speak of with such authority. His daddy had contacts. The Queen’s equerry even phoned Carlton Television and acted as his referee . How many ordinary people does that happen to?

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Latest privatisation/corruption plan is halted as government reluctantly scraps Land Registry sale

A mighty triumph by the PCS T/U thanks Mike.

Having & had a few problems on my PC for a few days be assured I am not doing the blocking or removing of you.

Vox Political

Still in public ownership: According to reports, the sale of the Land Registry has been cancelled. Still in public ownership: According to reports, the sale of the Land Registry has been cancelled.

A little-known plan to sell off one of the government’s best-performing and self-financing organisations has been scrapped – not because of fears that a new system would be prone to corruption but apparently because it was “too complicated” and would have necessitated “new legislation”.

The change of heart – for whatever reason – has been taken by the PCS Union as a victory for its campaign against the sell-off, which included a two-day strike against the privatisation proposal, which members described as “secret”.

Commentators including Vox Political pointed out that the public consultation process received hardly any publicity at all and was closed before most of us even knew it had taken place.

Among the Land Registry’s many functions are quasi-judicial decisions on ownership and transfers, granting title and, crucially, guaranteeing legal rights on…

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What’s so dishonest about our money system?


Money as Debt also known as Credit

Let me count the ways:

  1. National Governments:
    • borrow according to “Public Borrowing Spending Requirements” (PSBR) and pay interest.
    • Instead, they could issue interest-free Cash into the economy.
    • While ‘creating money’ is the sovereignty of nation states, banks have expanded their ‘habit’ of creating Credit and turning it into ‘financial products’ such that their ‘money’ virtually represents all money in circulation (estimated to be 97%, whereas, in the UK, it used to be 53% at the end of WWII).
    • Governments are supposed to either borrow or tax as their income stream, when, in reality, they should create interest-free Cash (or Green Credit) rather than allow banks to create interest-bearing Credit ad infinitum.
    • For governments to borrow AND to tax is an affront and insult to taxpayers. They should simply create interest-free Cash to spend it into the economy.
    • Taxpayers are made to believe a system of annual budgets, while 

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Friend or Foe?

I think I am beating along to your heart beat & hopefully the same brain wave pattern as yours Juli . I simply say ” Not in my name “.
I am now very disillusioned . Perhaps it gives me meaning as to why I asked you to take the first reins of change. Let us not just rely on hope or that something may happen. Though I dread to think what that could be or maybe upon us now ! Words can change worlds mot the ranting’s of one lunatic against another.


It goes friend or foe –

A friend in need is a friend
Indeed and never more so
Than a new-made frenemy
That shares his foes as a
Mutual enemy. For then that
Friend is a supersede and a
Friend in deed is expedient

Pleasantries done and the
Friend is spun. It’s a fair
Exchange then, to rearrange
Where the parties fit on the hit
Shit list. For birds of a feather
Must stick together, through
Thick and thin – when they’re
In, they’re out; when they’re
Out, they’re in.

So bury the hatchet and marry
The sin until nobody knows
Where the enemy ends and
The friend begins. It’s a perfect
Blend for a fair-weather trend –
Ever friend and foe, whether toe-
To-toe or a shoulder to cry on –
It’s the lie that The Powers That
Be most rely on.

As the idiom goes, either…

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Benefit Claimant Bashing- The New Bloodsport

Maybe we need some Uni Grads on benefits on TV before the reality begins to sink home & around a little more.


Today it been reported  that ‘White Dee’ who has been vilified in press after the CH4  ‘Benefits Street’ programme as a scrounger has been assaulted while on holiday with friends. This woman was attacked viciously for having a holiday which is allegedly paid for by her good friends. The Jeremy Kyle stereotyping of claimants is a falsehood and while some may not be the brightest they are still afforded the tag of scrounger, undeserving etc, which to my mind is unacceptable.

I have seen people of all walks of life comment on these kind stories and the lack of compassion and humanity (even amongst other claimants) is not only shocking but downright appalling. Claimant fraud is actually less than 1% of the whole welfare budget in actual fact the correct figure is 0.7% while government error is 4.3%. The likes of the Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Sun, and many more Murdoch tory…

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Ask the BBC why it didn’t cover the anti-austerity demo – here’s what you can expect!

Mike go to WeAreChange .com Unbelievable ! I have put some up on my Twitter page as Methusalada73.

Vox Political

This is what happened when a friend of Vox Political, going by the monicker Sick Britain, contacted the BBC to ask why there has been no coverage of today’s (June 21) anti-austerity demonstration in London, which was attended by more than 50,000 people.

The BBC has mentioned the demonstration – as a pretext for a discussion of government austerity policies on Any Questions and Any Answers (both on Radio 4) but the national public service broadcaster’s news bulletins were mysteriously silent about it throughout the day of the event itself.

This seems particularly odd when one considers the fact that the demo began outside Broadcasting House, and that I’m told extra security guards were on duty today, while the entrances were protected with metal fencing.

Some of you may wish to complain to the BBC about its lack of coverage. Here’s how you can do it:

Phone: 03700 100…

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Time to write to Olivier De Schutter?

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Who is Olivier De Schutter, I hear you ask.

I didn’t know who he was either until I did a bit of research after reading a post by Mike Sivier over on the Vox Political blog

It made me feel sick … to read that a mentally ill man was reduced to eating a paste of flour and water.

I’ll say that again EATING A PASTE OF FLOUR AND WATER!!!!!

All this is due to mandatory reconsideration by the DWP. Basically; DWP say you are fit for work (and it IS the DWP that make that decision not ATOS or anyone else) you appeal that decision and DWP carry out a mandatory reconsideration (your case is looked at by yet another unqualified DWP employee, allegedly unconnected with your original claim)….there’s no time limit on this review by the way. They can take as long as they like to carry it…

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No Corruption Please – We’re British: Cameron and the Westland Choppergate scandal

Did you say Fly me or Fry me ?

David Hencke

David Cameron meeting the Indian PM on his " successful" business trip David Cameron meeting the Indian PM on his ” successful” business trip

My ex Guardian and Exaro colleague David Pallister has been assiduously  following the latest  Agusta Westland scandal which led the Indian government to cancel an order  for 12 helicopters to ferry Indian VIPs after allegations of corruption.

His latest article on the Exaro website reveals that proceedings investigating alleged corruption involving a middleman and another British businessman  and Indian  officials are continuing in both India and Italy.

My grouse is not with the pace of investigations in India or Italy into what the Indian press have dubbed the ” choppergate scandal” but the British government’s attitude to what is going on.

David Cameron in 2013 visited India with 100 business people to pledge that he wanted India to be a “partner of choice”  with Britain. As you can hear here Mr Cameron praised Westland to the skies…

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