I’ve been a Guardian reader for 40 years, but no longer. Here’s why. 

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Today, I received a routine email from the Guardian regarding my ongoing subscription to the paper. I have been a regular reader of the Guardian for 40 years including as a subscriber in recent years. But no longer.

My email explaining why is listed below.

Hi there

Thank you for your recent email.

It has prompted me to contact you regarding my Guardian subscription.
I have bought the Guardian since the age of 12; I am now 52. I have always considered the paper to be fair and on the side of people who are trying to make a difference. The paper’s campaigning work is well known and rightly so. Even though I have not always agreed with the paper’s leaders and editorial line, mostly I have and one of the main reasons I have supported the paper for 40 years has been its left of centre position on the…

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A ceasefire, or a trap?


Today, following a call from all 22 Royal Colleges, the BMA has agreed to halt possibility of strike action for 5 days and Hunt has ‘postponed imposition’. The second point needs a bit of clarification. Hunt hasn’t actually postponed anything in reality as, the contract is not due to be imposed next week, so, as far as I can tell, this is a pretty empty gesture.

It is at least a gesture though, which is marginally more than he has been doing of late. Of course he’s been saying that the BMA have been naughty and refusing to negotiate, but for weeks not the BMA had said that if imposition were taken off the table, they would pause IA to have meaningful negotiations.

Funnily enough my mum text me today saying that my nan had heard something on the news, and that perhaps my campaigning was having an effect. I…

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The real progressive in the leader’s debate is Ed Miliband

Didn’t hear anything on protecting those who are unable to help & protect themselves mainly the Disabled. Protecting & securing the those in ILF scheme ,People with Learning Difficulties except for a few loose woolly words in the 2015 Manifesto. No meat, no substance !

Politics and Insights

Ed Miliband has faced some vicious opposition over the past five years. Not just from the Tories, the press, big business and the establishment, but from the fringe rival parties claiming to be on the left. It’s because Miliband wants to create a new post-Thatcherite settlement for Britain. The Labour manifesto clearly signposts that intention.

Miliband understands that the growing chasm between the incomes of rich and poor and obscene levels of wealth inequality have shown that political collaboration with the wealthy has not delivered any “trickle down” to the poorest at all. As a society, we cannot afford to indulge the millionaires’ something for nothing culture.

We all know by now that despite the fact that our economy was in recovery from the consequences of the global crisis by the last quarter of 2009, due to the competence of the previous government, the Tories duped the public, using a…

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Guest post: Deeper than Privacy Failure

Paul Bernal's Blog

Shatter the silence

Guest post by @Super__Cyan

Publishing names of individuals has implications that can go beyond privacy

As stated by the Guardian, Politics Home and various other media outlets (see the Internet for rest), survivors of child sexual have received death threats after their identities and personal details were published by the Home Affairs Select Committee. After complaints from the victims, the committee began to redact he names of individual survivors from the correspondence on its website. The Committee said in a statement:

‘Last week, some material from the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse came into the committee’s possession in the course of our inquiry. The material included directions to panel members about how they should answer questions from the committee, as well as email exchanges between panel members about the panel’s external communications strategy. These emails included the names of third parties. At the request of the…

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Tory Humour: Just in Case You Thought the Only Racists Were in UKIP

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One of the political programmes planned by Channel 4 is a drama-documentary, 100 Days of UKIP, about the possible results of Fuhrer Farage and his blackshirts winning the election. The drama is about the events surrounding the first 100 days of a UKIP government. The story centres around a young, female Asian MP for the Kippers, who becomes increasingly disillusioned with the vicious racism in her party and its policies. The programme predicts the eruption of race riots, caused by the police rounding up and deporting immigrants. Interspersed with the fictional drama is real footage from the Kippers, including Godfrey Bloom and his notorious comments about ‘Bongo-Bongo Land’.

It’s already generated controversy. The Fuhrage himself was due to be interviewed by Paxo as part of the programme, but the Mussolini of embittered, pro-smoking reactionaries pulled out of it. Bloom and other senior Kippers have become notorious for racist and…

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