George Berger on Gordon Waddell and the Origins of the Work Capability Test

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A few weeks ago I blogged about a piece on Mike’s site, Vox Political, by Mo Stewart describing Unum’s role in formulating the fitness for work test. This is the prize piece of pseudoscience used by the DWP and Atos to deny people welfare benefits on the grounds that, no matter how ill or disabled they are, they are still somehow ‘fit for work’. In the most extreme cases, this has resulted in terminally ill people having their disability benefit removed and blandly informed that they will have to be reassessed. Just in case, you understand, that they get better.

One of the commenters on the piece was George Berger, who kindly informed me of his piece on the DPAC website tracing the origins of the fitness for work test in the bizarre theories of Gordon Waddell. Mr Berger commented:

It seems that the historical source is Waddell’s work…

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UK Government Blackmailed into War? Blair covers MP’s paedophile ring and the Dunblane massacre!

All peace to the World !

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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely they say. BUT I say power corrupts and absolute powers ATTRACTS THE ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT!

BUT what form does this corruption take? The obvious ones are bribery(brown envelopes) and stealing from the “kitty” (MP expenses) but is there more?   In the decades gone by ,the “church” was seen as an untouchable tower of community virtue. Unfortunately as the reigns of power have slipped from the clergy and we do NOT fear for our immortal souls via the church anymore. We now KNOW the extent of paedophilia and ,even worse , the amount of effort that went in to protect and cover these paedophile rings. It goes all the way to the top , even today the pope is involved in these attempts to cover the paedophiles and silence the victims! Nice religion eh? Obviously the PR men for a very nice god!

The Pope played a leading role in…

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