They think it’s all over ….. it isn’t!

Oh no it isn’t ! We half our own second half schedule to play & you have a twat goal keeper !

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

In celebration of the Football World Cup, Nick over at ILegal has this to say:-

5 World Cup stadiums wouldn’t be big enough 
to seat every benefit claimant awaiting a 
sickness assessment!

As we speak, assume 200,000 people fill the Maracana football stadium in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil as Germany & Argentina fight it out for the World Cup.

In Great Britain we would need five of these massive stadiums to seat around 750,000 people awaiting a basic sickness test & somewhere near 250,00 awaiting disability tests.  That’s around one million people going by for months on end without the much needed cash they need to live on.

This is the state of chaos which exists within Great Britain as we go about the most atrocious welfare reforms we’ve ever seen.  In Great Britain we don’t consider this to be a national scandal!

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