My Apologies Mr Cameron

I am having problems receiving 20-30 blogs & emails AGAIN they are all going into my delete folder.

Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

Today Mr Cameron I would like to give you my apologies, you see I have not grown up to aspire to what you want out of me.

I apologise for becoming very gravely ill at an early age of just 27 years old suffering from an SAH/STROKE that so nearly killed me perhaps it may of suited you better if I did die, but then that was not my fault either as I was looked after by the excellent NHS you seek to destroy.

I apologise for needing to take 18 months off work to enable me to recover enough to go back to work but I did ensure that this was the least time needed given the severity of my disabilities as I would have taken more time to ensure I was fully fit before I returned but do understand that by doing that it did not fit to…

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