How Come No One Likes Michael Gove?

Drawn Out Thinking

This comic originally appeared at

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Gove comic p.1

Gove comic p.2

Gove comic p.3

Gove comic p.4

Gove comic p.5

Gove comic p.6

Gove comic p.7

Gove comic p.8

Gove comic p.9

Gove comic p.10

Gove comic p.11

Gove comic p.12

References and corrections

An excellent and accessible film about Gove can be found at


Page 1

o   NASUWT –

o   Association of Teachers and Lecturers ––

o   NAHT –

Page 2

NB, error in the comic: “educationally inappropriate”, “pedagogically counterproductive” and “neo-Victorian” were said of the curriculum by the man who headed the review, but were not conclusions of the review

o   and –

Page 3

Page 4

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