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Where are the challenges to Tory misrepresentation?

Listening can sometimes be difficult , understanding on what is actually being said can often be confusing . Unto thy own self be true !


bryant_munt Chris Bryant Challenges Tessa Munt on BT

ids in denial Iain Duncan Smith in typical denial

In the 1970s I found my political will, affiliation and belief; socialism, as expressed by Karl Marx and the Labour Party.

During the 1980s and 90s I saw that will and affiliation demonised, not just by the enemy, mainly the Tories, but by my own party as the Labour Party failed to effectively argue their- and my- case and slowly morph, finally emerging with the Blairites into Tory Lite.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, while I understood the cause, the general population were being convinced by Thatcherite sound bites and false promises.

I maintain that in 1997 the electorate had had enough of the Tories, and Tony Blair did not need to destroy the foundations upon which the Labour Party had been built; the electorate were ready for change so much so that I often quip that…

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Will Question Time’s panel do what Parliament can’t – and hold Iain Duncan Smith to account?

I am some what overjoyed by Ian Hislop being on Question Time along with IDS . I am not concerned about who the other 3 prophets of wisdom are .I look forward to a real Gladiatorial combat on Humanity V Evil bustards. I do hope I am not sounding prejudice but someone has nicked my copy of this Friday’s edition of my Private Eye. You can’t blame IDS for that can you ?

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Picture the scene if you can: It’s shortly after 11.35pm on Thursday (June 5) and all my inboxes are suddenly overflowing – with the same message: Iain Duncan Smith will be on Question Time next week.

The implication was that there is an opportunity here – to show the public the homicidal – if not genocidal – nature of the changes to the benefit system this man mockingly describes as “welfare reforms”.

We were given the name of only one other panellist who will be appearing in the June 12 show, broadcast from King’s Lynn: Private Eye editor Ian Hislop. He is certainly the kind of man who should relish a chance to take the politician we call RTU (Returned To Unit) down a peg or two – in fact the Eye has run articles on DWP insanity fairly regularly over the past two decades at least.

Personally I’d like to…

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