Friend or Foe?

I think I am beating along to your heart beat & hopefully the same brain wave pattern as yours Juli . I simply say ” Not in my name “.
I am now very disillusioned . Perhaps it gives me meaning as to why I asked you to take the first reins of change. Let us not just rely on hope or that something may happen. Though I dread to think what that could be or maybe upon us now ! Words can change worlds mot the ranting’s of one lunatic against another.


It goes friend or foe –

A friend in need is a friend
Indeed and never more so
Than a new-made frenemy
That shares his foes as a
Mutual enemy. For then that
Friend is a supersede and a
Friend in deed is expedient

Pleasantries done and the
Friend is spun. It’s a fair
Exchange then, to rearrange
Where the parties fit on the hit
Shit list. For birds of a feather
Must stick together, through
Thick and thin – when they’re
In, they’re out; when they’re
Out, they’re in.

So bury the hatchet and marry
The sin until nobody knows
Where the enemy ends and
The friend begins. It’s a perfect
Blend for a fair-weather trend –
Ever friend and foe, whether toe-
To-toe or a shoulder to cry on –
It’s the lie that The Powers That
Be most rely on.

As the idiom goes, either…

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