The DWP, ATOS, JCP, Government democide, and me. (pt1)

Hi Leon, Read you blog ! All I can say at this stage is thanks for sharing & be assured your always welcome here. I have a few problems of my own ,none of which are war combat induced .I’m off to hospital tomorrow to find out the scan results. I’ll be in touch either way.


Having served Queen & Country for 18 years, after leaving school at age 16, joining the ‘Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery’ in Nuneaton, I served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Afghanistan & Iraq…..also used as a firemen during the firemen strikes and covered Chelmsford in ’94 pootling around in the good ole’ Green Goddess putting water on the flames.

However, having been used and abused for 18 years doing what I thought was right, and lets face it, what 16 year old isn’t going to be conditioned and brainwashed into doing the governments dirty work? I set out on my worthy career in the knowledge that in my country’s time of need, I would more than gladly pay the ultimate sacrifice in providing the freedom and security this country, and the population, quite rightly enjoys.

In return I was assured that as a servicemen, should that ultimate sacrifice ever bear true…

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