The Absence of Morality & Opposition

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The Absence of Morality & Opposition WagingWar

I saw online an article about the attacks on NHS Staff in Accident & Emergency Departments had reached such levels that in some they now have Policec1 permanently stationed at these A&E’s along with the normal Hospital Security staff. In Psychiatric Nursing it has always been accepted that when you are dealing with people whose mental states are so fractured as you see in acute illnesses, that at times people can become aggressive. Certainly we are not talking about the Bates Motel but when in extreme distress people can lash out at the very people trying to help them, well in mental health services anyway. However, if we exclude people in acute phases of mental health NHS  (1)crisis, then what is the excuse for attacking our wonderful NHS Staff? To me there is no excuse, being drunk isn’t, being on drugs isn’t, being upset…

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