Case Law: Re G (Adult), Press has no direct role in welfare proceedings in Court of Protection – Rosalind English

I am an elderly person disabled person with some of my faculties in place. As I may progress into a state unawareness & indecisiveness I would like a member of the press or his /her organisation to protect me as I get older from injustice & inhumanity ?. In whom can I trust to uphold my freedom of speech/ thought in humanity ? Government, courts or the press ? All offers I shall receive shall be at present script ably analysed and I shall allow my verdict to be known to all ! Is there any one there who can hear me .

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2646_Munby In the case of Re G (Adult) (Associated Newspapers Limited intervening) ( [2014] EWCOP 1361 ) Sir James Munby, President of the Court of Protection ruled that the Daily Mail has no standing to be joined as a party in welfare proceedings in relation to a vulnerable adult who has been declared by the courts as lacking capacity under the Mental Capacity Act. 

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