About. The ignorance , inhumanity & suffering of the elderly , physically disabled and deaf people within the UK in the year 2014. a.d.

I think that’s sufficiently  enough of a task for one person to challenge, tackle & deal with in one’s life time.   It appears to myself that many of the Queens men in Parliament’s have given up on the idea of compassion & care or they dare not think about it any more. I am also left wondering if we have too many ambitious psychopaths in the unelected House of Lords; after all they pass the commons laws.

So I shall always be on the look out for a few like minded friends & wise assistance ! In the eternal word’s of Michael Jackson ” It doesn’t matter if your Black or White”  or ” He rocks in the tree tops all day long ,rocking & bobbing & singing his song Rocking Robin”  I still can’t get the “dibble dup” bit right though . So maybe I should stick with Daddy Sang Bass as it won’t be long now ? So let the party begin! Firstly we need a title for such a project , I am always open too suggestions, but no personal offerings such as gold rings, ermines or pearls !



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