Richard And Judy Make Assisted Suicide Pact

This is not the appropriate method of discussion on a very serious issue. 1. A bill is in the House of Lords & may require further & amendments. 2. I am not interested in the views or opinions of others on this subject in order for myself to ensure that my wishes are known & met on the inevitable day.
3. I have made my decision come my time & have a friend to ensure that my wish is granted.

Same Difference

TV personalities Judy Finnigan and husband Richard Madeley have said they have agreed to an assisted death pact should one of them fall seriously ill.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Madeley said: “If Judy was really ill and in logical mind…

“I wouldn’t give a tuppenny if there was a risk of being prosecuted. I’d do what was right for my wife.”

Finnigan added: “And I’d do the same. Stuff it all! We’ve made ourselves give each other a pledge along those lines.”

Madeley continued: “If, when the time came… Judy said to me, ‘But what about you? What about the risk of prosecution?’, I’d say, ‘That’s my problem, I’ll deal with that, don’t worry about it.’ And for me, it would be the locked room, the bottle of whisky and the revolver. I wouldn’t want to mess around.”

Alistair Thompson, a spokesman for Care not Killing…

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