Tory Euro flier is a catalogue of failure

Excellent Blog Mike thank you. I find it incredible to believe that a man of your talents & abilities is not more personally focused in using your abilities for humanity professionally. You are a professional musician, professional writer & reporter & blogger. I have no doubt that you have other undeclared talents which I am totally unaware of apart from social activism. I did ask if you were involved politically & gained the the reply that you were not. I find this very sad as you responded in the same way as my talented daughter. I for my part feel that people in society need people like you. Pls think seriously on this issue Mike & formulate a considered reply. I do hope it shall not be anarchism.

Vox Political


A blue leaflet landed on the mat yesterday, urging me to vote Conservative and offering no less than 11 highlighted reasons for doing so.

There’s no chance of this happening, because I know far too much about the state of the nation to be fooled by what was said. Other people may not be as lucky, so let’s run through these claims.

The front cover proclaims: “A stronger economy at home” – not true. The resurgence claimed by the Tories has still, after a year, failed to bring Britain back up to its pre-crisis peak, and pay levels have been skewed to put the lowest earners 14 per cent worse-off than they were under the last Labour government.

“Renewed respect abroad” – another howler. Our military adventures mean we are seen as America’s lapdog, while our economic efforts mean we are seen as China’s.

“Real change in Europe” –…

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