Wake up and smell the coffee!

Those who make the laws are not silly people . They firstly control the system of governance for the introduction of (new) law . Secondly they seek find & emplace people in their employment progression interests (rare novice talent) Thirdly they get the media to broadcast that this product is better than butter, see how wonderful you look, smell & fart .Finally they allow the entrance of their main puppeteers to emphasis and broadcast the weakness’s of those puppet gladiators we all love and knew. so finally we have an empty arena within which those whom kiss the Imperial ring have access to the spectacle of chemical inoculation of those who cheered & placed him on the lavatorium of greed & subjugation and humanity . Excrement is cheap & continuously compounded , fertilised and resold . How much would you like to digest 1lb or a ton ? It’s very reasonable priced & available for home delivery. You are after all the customers we need.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from BBC Business News

Caffe Nero cafeCaffe Nero has previously said interest payments on its debt mean it does not have to pay corporation tax

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Caffe Nero has refused to comment on a letter that has gone viral on social media accusing it of failing to “pay its dues” by avoiding corporation tax.

The letter was sent to the firm by a customer, Steve Pottinger, who said its approach to tax “sticks in the craw”.

Caffe Nero, which has more than 500 UK cafes, made a pre-tax profit of £21.1m in 2013 and paid no corporation tax.

A spokeswoman said there were “lots of things” in Mr Pottinger’s letter that were “factually incorrect”.

Steve Pottinger's letterMr Pottinger said he wanted to make his anger known

Asked what these were…

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