Adolf Hitler claims racist comments were result of hacking

Been of line trying to avoid the Fuhrers brownies & Shuster’s all day ,which is not easy for a slow old badger like me. All now seems temporarily restored tonight as I sit in my Caribbean synagogue in North Wales, snorting away on the butt of a neglected unwanted Woodbine. Then Wow! I had a blinding vision though it might not please the Fuhrer ! What if we cut of the right arm of all babies born at Easter to stop them eating chocolate eggs.
Then we wouldn’t have to worry too much about all the children being breast feed so much , except for those with remaining with a left arm. I even have a solution & plan for the left arm brigand babies . We could send them out badger culling in Oxford with a highly toxic orange gas. Yahoo! I shall let you know how we got on at the party your highness. Jolly fine boating weather .

Pride's Purge


The leader of a right-wing German anti-immigration party Adolf Hitler has strongly denied having fascist views, claiming racist comments attributed to him on Facebook and Twitter about Jews and other ethnic minorities were the result of hackers trying to smear his name.

The leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party also claims his comments posted online in which he suggested a ‘Final Solution‘ to eradicate the entire Jewish population of Europe by building a network of death camps in order to industrialize the mass slaughter of non-ethnic German minorities were taken out of context.

In a statement on his personal blog, party spokesman Dr. Joseph Goebbels said the party leader’s account had been “hijacked but he confirmed the controversy would not deter the party from continuing to make a stand against an open-door policy of immigration.

In his blogpost, Dr Goebbels said:

The National Socialist Party is absolutely not a Nazi party and we have a strict policy of zero…

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