Charities reject government workfare scheme

Seems to me that this coalition Government has created a evil crucible of inhumanity. Possibly a plan more demonic than Stalin’s Gulags & his starvation of the peasant farmers. Almost comparable to Hitler’s “Work can set you free ” slogan at the entrance Nazi concentration Camps . Be aware , Be afraid it’s the time for the fit & healthy next within those non compliers. These sadistic soldiers of government need to be stopped by the people & Trade Unionist’s; the only force now powerful enough to eradicate such Etonic vermin.

Pride's Purge

(not satire!)

Over 200 UK charities (and counting) have signed a pledge rejecting the government’s compulsory workfare scheme:

the keep volunteering voluntary agreement

The new workfare scheme Compulsory Work Placements was launched last week and was supposed to force the unemployed to work ‘in the community’ for 780 hours under the threat of having unemployment benefits stopped.

But now it’s been rejected en masse by charities, community and voluntary organisations, it’s hard to see where the government is going to find places for all these people to do their forced labour.

Perhaps Cameron and Clegg could try creating some real jobs instead?


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