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What A Party! What a Party  (1)

My interest in politics, until recently, has always been mixed up with history, the role of parliaments through the ages, the English Civil War, the American Revolution, how the main parties developed through social change, women’s rights campaign, and let’s notWhat a Party  (23) forget I grew up with the Northern Irish politics, from terrorism to peace in one generation. So to me an understanding of politics was to appreciate history and vice versa. In my young adulthood everything was about politics, the Falkland War happened as one example, Miners’ Strikes for another, an era ruled by Thatcher with the iron handbag of the Iron Lady. I was acutely aware that I was actually watching significant historical events unfolding in front of me, events that would never be forgotten, that I was watching history live. My parents spoke about that singular event in history when you will always remember…

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